Our Goal is to Empower Consumers

Geekaphone has a pretty simple goal: help consumers make informed purchasing decisions quickly. Our site is part of the Snapsort family of consumer advice sites and is focused on helping you find the best phone for your needs. Geekaphone allows you to compare up to 5 phones to see how they stack up via an extensive breakdown of specs and performance. Whether you’re looking to see how the top phones compare, or you want to see the differences between each generation of a phone, we can help. Geekaphone is also mobile friendly to help keep you informed on the go.


We’d love to hear from you. Please connect with us over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or send us an email. Or if you have feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you.


We’re a small but rapidly expanding team, we’re currently hiring and would love to add more super smart computer science / engineers to the team. If you dig NLP, AI, statistics, writing algorithms and writing applications that help millions please apply. Snapsort was founded by three UW comp-sci / engineering grads, this is their 3rd startup together. Christopher Reid, Alex Black and Mark Feeney


  • Interested in providing a better consumer experience to your customers?
  • Looking to advertise to an engaged group of consumers coming to us for trusted unbiased purchasing advice?

Feel free to contact Christopher Reid, one of the co-founders at chris at snapsort dot com.

Does Geekaphone Make Money?

Although we’re currently focused on our user experience we also make money to keep the service running. We do this in two ways: advertising and affiliate partners. You’ll see ads around our site for both retailers and brands, sometimes a retailer will pay us if you buy something at their store (their way of acknowledging the role we’ve played in helping you reach a purchasing decision) and sometimes they just pay us if you click over to them to browse around. If you do end up buying a product through our service you have our deepest thanks as you’ve indirectly helped us create the next round of improvements.